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About us

Handpicked Speciality Papers for true print expression.

About Us

It's Better on Paper!

Paper has an irrefutable charm, and a potent way of clear expression. Whether it is a scribble or a elaborately processed piece-of-art print, paper adds value to every character and pixel embedded on it...forever.

We at paper Merchantz Inc, understand and respect this value of paper. We know that it is more than a compressed sheet of pulp, more than what is bought in rolls, cut to size and fed into machines. We believe that paper is a medium of being you, a medium of expressing your thoughts, emotions and much more than mere words. We know you, we know Paper.

Our collection of Speciality Paper is carefully chosen from around the world to amplify your work in a subtle, yet effective manner. Whether you are looking at print works that represent the true glory of your organization, a lovingly crafted personal note that stands apart, a cherished invite, a print of the moment that you captured, or even an elaborate menu card, our collection of substrates add value to your unique proposition. Our collection is renowned around the world for its print friendliness and the absolute value add to the design & product.

The Substrates that we deal with, are hand picked considering your exclusive expression requirements. The gamut of papers are carefully selected to provide you with an unmatched print depth, superior visual feel and an nostalgic touch. After all, it's better on Paper!

We are in a continuous process of adding many more exclusive substrates to our collection. Write to us at info@papermerchantzinc.net for a sample of your choice and we will be more than glad to deliver it to you at the location of your preference.

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